Supreme Work

above EUR 1000,--/USD 1200,--



Die Kunst ist zwar nicht das Brot, wohl aber der Wein des Lebens.

"Jean Paul"


there is beauty in every chaos, it depends on the way you look at it


100 x100 cm

The work of art is an imaginary island surrounded by reality.

 "José Ortega Y Gasset" 

"green myst"

chaos is the order that you don't understand yet


100 x 100 cm

Klarheit ist Wahrhaftigkeit in der Kunst.

"Marie Ebner-Eschenbach"



Wenn ich wüsste, was Kunst ist, würde ich es für mich behalten

"Pablo Picasso"


100x100 cm


The painting shows a synergetic process which is partly symbolized by the loop in the top area of the painting. Where the loop closes and works its way through the middle part, it leaves a changed structure behind.

In the eye the painting creates a certain tension, it has no beginning and no end but it seems to be whole and, in some way, alive. 

This painting also represents (fort he painter) a transformation from realism to abstractism where both sections and styles benefit from each other – a symbiosis.



this painting displays air and water which seems to be partially polluted. One main source of air pollution is air travel (that's why the name). The simple structure of the painting also emphasis its message (in the way of an abstract impressionism) which is to raise awareness in regarding the pollution of the air and the seas.


"Black Portal"

“The Black Portal” is an abstract painting through which the artist has shown his ability to produce sensual art. A first glance at the artwork gives the viewer a feeling of calmness and peace. From the painting, someone can see a water body on the lower front side and dry land at the back of the painting. Space is also visible in the peace, which is filled with the wind blowing from the earth. Also, in between the earth and the water body, there is a black space whose image is reflected in the water below. To pass his intended message to the viewers, the artist has used various visual elements and principles of design in his painting. 

Some of the visual elements used in the painting include colors, lines, shape, and space. The artist has used a combination of three colors to represent the water body that is white, grey, and traces of pink. Further, the earth is painted in green and brown and the black space in the center. Black and grey colors have also been used to signify wind in a grey sky. The artist has also used both straight and curved lines in the artwork. Straight lines have been used to draw the black rectangular space and its reflection in the middle which gives a sense of space. Curved lines, on the other hand, have been used to illustrate wind as well as the movement of water. Finally, a rectangular shape has been used to show the black horror standing between water and land. 

Further, various principles of design have been used to convey the intended message. Movement is one of the principles depicted by the curved lines used to illustrate wind and water movements. The lines direct the viewer’s eyes in a certain direction which indicates movement. The painting also has a symmetrical balance since it can be divided into two equal parts. Variety is also evident, whereby the artist has used various colors to represent different things in the painting. Variety ensures that the viewer glued to the creative masterpiece. With the help of these elements, the painting serves its main purpose, which is to help the viewer interact with the real world through painting. 

critique by „albistar“

60x100cm (NOT FOR SALE)


„Intertwined“ is a painting out of an impulse. The swings in black and white create an image of intimacy and movement, which in turn hast o be set limits (often painful). Under the neutral black and white surface emotions break through which are reflected in the sparks of gold. 
The emotional impulse conceals all backgrounds at the moment of passion, but these are still present.